Founded in 1983, IPACS headquarter is located in Singapore, YuBo Group entered China in 1990. With more than 2 decades of experience, IPACS has become one of the leading banking core product and application development service provider in China. As YuBo Group’s wholly owned subsidiary in China, IPACS (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd have become the leading IT software services company in the industry, with three branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and nearly 300 IT professionals.

IPACS is committed to provide one-step integrated IT solutions and professional services to banks and securities industry suppliers. Our service includes business consulting, BCM/DRS consulting, application software solution, application software development, IT professional services and outsourcing, network communication systems integration, infrastructure design, construction and management and IT professional training.

Adhering to become “your trusted IT partner”, IPACS not only served our every customer with great professionalism, but also achieved a series of excellent results among which Advanced Banking System (ABS) is IPACS’s most successful product. The development of ABS was based on IPACS’s thirty years banking IT system service experience and the combination of international banking business model and China’s actual banking business. ABS is a customer centric bank IT platform with advanced SOA architecture which has been widely recognized and praised by our customer.

In the future, IPACS is committed to continue to service our customer with advanced technology, high quality products and quality service.

Our Values

Extraordinary Customer Service

Excellence in all our undertakings

Integrity in our dealings

Professional in our approach

Work Hard and Work Smart

Innovation and Change

Respect for the Individual


Our Mission

IPACS’ mission is to materialize our technological potential to realize competitive business advantages and achieve complete customer satisfaction through quality products, professional services and total commitment.

Our Corporate Philosophy

To provide quality information technology and e-commerce solutions and services through happy and professional employees who provide extraordinary support and services that makes our customers successful and delighted.

Our Spirit

People are our assets.

We emphasize on Education, Training and Practice in order to raise the professional and knowledge standard of our staff so as to increase our productivity.

In the areas of our products and services, we strive for customer satisfaction and to be the market leader.

Company business scope

Currently IPACS’s main business has four business categories.

1) IT infrastructure

2) Software product

3) Application software development and services

4) DR and business continuity services

IT infrastructure

● Server and network system integration

● System high availability

● System and data security

◇ Identity authentication

◇ Journal auditing

◇ Data and information security

● Data management

● Comprehensive system monitoring

● System operation and maintenance services

● Virtualization and IT resource management

● IT hardware management

Software product

● ABS core banking business system

● iTools application development platform

● Version Up application on-line management tool

● Quick Pro multi-process batch processing and optimization tool

● iRK data management and sharing platform

● Vision high availability product

● SinoNetGain comprehensive monitoring system

● i-Sprint identity authentication system

Application development service

● banking business application development

● application development outsourcing

● application testing outsourcing

● IT consulting

● IBM system and software training

Disaster recovery and business continuity services

● DR assessment and analysis

● DR strategy and solution design

● DR system architecture deployment and implementation

● Business continuity solution design

● Business continuity protection and maintenance service

● DR center operation management consulting services

● Data center DR solution design and implementation

● BCM training