Launched i-DAS400 Data Security Audit Platform
Launched i-DataShare Multi-platform Core Data Synchronization System


IPACS China became business partner with Inspur Power Commercial System

Become BlackBerry Certified Partner in China Region


Become the permanent member of Power Hyper Alliance

Launched the background processing system for financial core business


Launched i-AutoSwitch automatic application switching system

Launched I-RTFX real time file exchange platform system


Launched Advanced Banking System Version 3.0

Launched Monsys-i for Performance Monitoring

Launched  i-Librarian V2.0 for application source code management

Launched i-RTPP for real-time multi process parallel processing


Passed the sales and technical certification for IBM Power Hign-end products

IPACS became Enforcive business partner in China


Launched i-RPG-Tools for Integrated development

Launched GAS General Authority management System


IPACS became i-Sprint partner for Identity and security management solutions in China

Launched the automated job scheduling and monitoring platform V1.0

Launched Advanced Banking System V 2.0


IPACS Reached a cooperation agreement in China with Remain

Successful launched of the iTool integrated development tools


IPACS Reached a cooperation agreement in China with ASG

IPACS became a certified training center for IBM

IPACS became BCP Asia partner in China

Successful launched of the highly flexible front-end products iFront


Strategic merger between IPACS e-Solutions Group with Kewill Systems Plc, adopted “Kewill-IPACS” as new brand name

IPACS received second-tier systems integration certification from the Infocommunications Department in the People’s Republic of China

Soft launched Advanced Banking System in China

Successful launched of TradeXchange in Singapore

Divestment of S & I Group of Companies

Divestment of IPACS Computer Systems Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


IPACS China became official Business Partner for IBM products in PRC

IPACS obtained ISO9001 certification

IPACS e-Solutions Group selected as one of the value-added services provider for Singapore TradeXchange


Become Microsoft Certified Partner


Soft launch of Java-based Advanced Logistics System in China

Appointed by Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation as Cluster Leader for the eLogistics Cluster and Financial Services Cluster

Appointed by The International Enterprise Singapore Board as Cluster Leader for Singapore eLogistics Consortium


Became Business Partner and Service Partner of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transfer)

Received second-tier systems integration certification from the Infocommunications Department in the People’s Republic of China

Established Wuhan and Shenyang branch offices

Established IPACS e-Solutions (Dalian) Co., Ltd

Launched TradeNet Enterprise Version


Established IPACS e-Solutions (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Established IPACS Fuzhou Computer Co., Ltd


Launched Internet Cargo Management System, a plug & play Freight Management System

Launched d2d logistics e-commerce platform

Spinned off IPACS e-Solutions Group of companies from IPACS Computer Services (S) Pte Ltd


Beijing IPACS and IPACS Shanghai obtained ISO9001 certificate


Launched Logistics 2000 Freight management system


Established S & I Technologies (Asia) Pte Ltd jointly with Sunway Computer Services (S) Pte Ltd

Upgraded IPACS Shanghai representative office to become full-fledged private limited company

Established Chengdu representative office


IPACS Asia and IPACS Singapore obtained ISO9001 certification

Established IPACS Computer systems Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd to provide Intelligence Building Automation System


Became an Alliance Partner with Oracle Corporation


Expanded to Taiwan

Established IPACS Shanghai and IPACS Guangzhou office, and set-up R & D center in Beijing


Officially set up IPACS Asia Pte Ltd as IPACS Group holding company

Officially set up Beijing IPACS Electronic Science Co. Ltd which focused on systems integration industry-specific application solutions and expanded to Financial Services industry, Airlines & Airports, Distribution and Manufacturing industries


Set up Beijing IPACS representative office


Developed EDI for client-side application software – TradeNet

Expanded to Hong Kong


Launched FreightNet logistics management system

Became official reseller of IBM products


Established IPACS Computer Services (S) Pte Ltd, which focused on freight and transportation software development