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Talent Philosophy

We strive to establish an employment policy that is dynamic, and is of the highest quality; a system that instills confidence in our selection process, and one that rewards outstanding talents


Outstanding personnel are the cornerstone of every company’s strategic goals. We attract talents from all fields through scientifically designed training plans, effective incentives, provision of an equal platform for competition, and ample room for professional development. We hope that every staff of IPACS XinCheng can achieve self-actualization while they are a part of this organization, and grow together with the company by finding the best fit between their personal career goals and the company’s objectives.

We ensure that our employees are able to focus on their own areas of expertise, and hence, unleash their full potential.

We believe in the grasping the right timing, tapping on our employee’s most effective period to increase personal efficacy,

We take care to understand each employee, so as to place the right people in the right positions, and allow them to play to their strengths and achieve more with a suitable job fit.

Having a team of outstanding talents is the basis to achieve the corporate strategic objectives, and the driving force for the sustainable development of the organization. IPACS uses a scientific approach to train and develop our people, effective incentive measures, a fair playing field and provide adequate space and opportunities for our people to grow and develop. So as to enable all personnel in IPACS can realise their potential, achieve self satisfaction and grow with the team.

Training Program

Internal Training

● In house instructors

● External instructors

● On the job training

External Training

Local training (seminar, courses etc.)

● Overseas training or seminars organized by foreign partners or clients.


Social insurance and housing provident fund

The company comply with all local regulation, and provide social insurance and housing funds for all employees. This includes pension, illness coverage, unemployment insurance, injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund etc.

Medical Coverage

Every employee also enjoys medical coverage for outpatient treatment and hospitalization.

Annual Leave

Besides the China’s 11 national holidays, IPACS staff is entitled to paid annual leave. The amount of annual leave differs according to years of experiences and position.

Paid annual leave

In accordance with national regulations on the staff worked continuously for more than one year, can enjoy paid annual leave. According to the cumulative work experience of different people (in different units ofwork experience, the cumulative calculation).