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ABS-Solution For Your Core Banking Needs

As globalization and e-business environment embraces enterprises, individuals, changing the way business is being conducted, financial institutions today need to thrive and develop innovative business approaches and leverage on technologies to sharpen their competitive edge to offer and deliver faster, better, global service at lower cost to meet their ever more demanding customers' needs.  

About Advanced Banking System (ABS)

IPACS has over 18 years of experience in providing IT solutions and system integration services to support our customers in the financial services industry.  Through close collaboration, we have deep understanding of our customers' specialized business processes, complex and extensive banking network, and compliance need to adhere to the highly regulated financial services industry, in particular, in the People's Republic of China.    IPACS' has launched a new generation of core banking solution - Advanced Banking System (IPACS ABS), a customer -centric  integrated suite of modular solutions that help banks to deliver a broad range of banking products and services for retail and wholesale banking.   The modular feature enables us to tailor, customize the solution to adapt and meet the unique needs of our customers as they differentiate themselves from their competitors.

ABS Value Proposition:

Customer Centric, Customer Relationship Driven:  Provides a complete, single, consistent, 360-degree view of customers.  The bird's eye view of the relationship with the customer help the bank to identify, increase cross-selling opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Ability to quickly launch new and sophisticated products from concept to launch through the use of wide range ofparameters with proven record time-to-market of two weeks.

Achieve high operational flexibility that is able to configure business processes to boost efficiency and productivity.

Credit Card module that is fully integrated with the core banking system that allow flexibility in credit card management, provides comprehensive interest and fees calculation and billing mechanism.

Enhance risk management in a highly regulated industry providing real-time alerts to help banks manage operational risk, credit risk, with features like integrated limits control, flexible authorization conditions, reconciliation, system warnings and alerts, systematic audit trace, including ability to adapt quickly to changing regulatory requirements to counter Anti-Money Laundering etc.

Supports multi-currency, multi-entity, multi-language, multi-stations with enhanced capability ready for internationalisation yet friendly enough for localization and is highly scalable, robust to meet the pace of globalizations especially those with extensive network and operations.

Offers multiple delivery channels for end-to-end deployment of products and services to reach out to new customers and market segments.

Ability to process 365X24 high volumes of on-line and batch transactions and help banks to meet its ever-growing business demands and mission critical core banking processing.  More than 5 million transactions with more than 30 million customers are processed and managed daily on IPACS ABS system in China at a response time within 300ms per transaction.

ABS Major Functions

IPACS ABS Major Solution Features

Customer Relationship

Provides a single 360-degree view and global management of the customer relationship with the bank.  Allows the complete maintenance of customer information from credit control, collateral management, multiple addresses, right through to special customer privileges, customer profiling.

Global Information

Provides rich and wide parameters for definition of specific functionality to implement multiple  organizations, different currencies to be used, business calendars, user security profiling and quick adoption of similar definitions for each customer bank.

Product Build

Provides a comprehensive  pre-built set of product template that is flexible and user friendly to enable the marketing or product division of the bank to configure and deliver standard or innovative, linked products to meet the dynamic demands of retail and wholesale customer by cutting down re-programming or redevelopment cost and time.

General Ledger

Maintenance of transactions and data on local or multi-currency, drill down features, consolidates financial services data, real-time online postings of transaction, generates reports for legal statutory reporting requirements. The powerful reporting feature enables generation of reports for internal management, to public institutions or controlling organizations to fulfill compliance  requirements right through to custom-based definitions to manage global banking under general accounting principles.


Provides facilities for all cashier user operations, current accounts, payments, deposits, savings accounts, fund transfers, payment of utilities or services and foreign exchange. Includes Cash Management module, Voucher Management, Demand Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Bond, Collection, Remittance, Local Clearance, Payment.


Capability to maintain multi currency positions, provides back-office transaction processing, foreign exchange rates administration and Trade Finance operations.


Management of main rules and conditions for loans, complete maintenance of all loan data, management of loan product life cycles, complex and comprehensive calculation of expenses and interest, intelligence capabilities for proposal simulation, payments and debts, accounting and expiry date management.

Optional Credit Card System

Flexible Credit Card management, changes to authorization conditions, Chargeback, settlement, Intercharge, Statement Generation, Merchant Management and Point Management.