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Congratulation to IPACS ABS

Congratulation to IPACS ABS on becoming the #1 choice for Shunde Rural Commercial Bank’s (SRCB) next generation of Core Banking Application.

Foshan Shunde Rural Commercial Bank was formed in 1952, and is the one of the earliest financial institute in Foshan. The bank has developed into a powerful, stable, and advanced cooperation offering multiple financial products and services. It has more than 300 branches across the province offering over 100 types of financial services to their clients, such as fix deposits, loans, wealth management and settlements etc.

IPACS Advance Banking Solution (ABS) is developed based on over 20 years of experience serving banks in China and across Asia Pacific. It is customer centric and its framework is created using advance technology.

ABS stands out among its competitors and was chosen by Shunde Rural Commercial Bank to be used as its next generation Core Banking Solution. SRCB and IPACS signed a cooperative contract on 11th August 2011. ABS will enable SRCB to meet the expanding business demands of their international and domestic markets.

This success once again recognized the advantages that ABS is able to deliver to the clients. We take this chance to congratulate and thank the team behind this product.