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China securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd

Project name:

Securities depository and clearing system

Product and services IPACS provides:

1. Application development and maintenance

2. IBM AS/400 server and system maintenance.

Customer information

● CSDC is the largest security depository and clearing company in the industry, it is responsible for the registration, management and clearing services for the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

● Establishment and management of securities accounts and settlement accounts; Depository and transfer of ownership of securities; Registration of the register of securities holders as well as the registration of their rights and interests; Clearing and settlement as well as the relevant management of securities and funds;Distribution of securities rights and interests as instructed by the issuer; Providing inquiry, information, consultancy and training services relating to the securities registration and settlement business in accordance with law.


● Meet the need of the rapid business growth and business innovation

● Zero system security failure guarantees the smooth and steady running of the business system

● Lower maintenance costs through application development outsourcing

● Meets the need of burst resource requirement, lower maintenance risk