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Bank of Ganzhou IC card and bank platform core reconstruction project

Bank of Ganzhou, formerly known as Ganzhou Commercial Bank, was established in January2001. For 12 years, Bank of Ganzhou has dedicated itself to build a famous regional bank to serve governments, enterprises and publics around Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Hunan, which sticks to the differentiated characteristic, low consumption and high-yield strategy and focuses on “the Hakkas”and ”Red”culture. Since then the bank has made exceptional business achievement.

By the end of 2012, bank of Ganzhou’s total assets increased over 37 times from 1.7billion yuan to 63.68 billion yuan,; the deposit balance increased 45 times from 1.1billion yuan to 49.168 billion yuan ; The loan increased 22 times from 700 million yuan to 15.385 billion yuan ; the non-performing loan ratio decreased from 49.62% to 0.63% .Bank of Ganzhou was rated Class Two national bank.

In July 2013, IPACS and bank of Ganzhou agreed on IC card and bank platform core reconstruction project and contract was signed.