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Instant data backup product

Simple, economy and innovative

Product introduction

MIMIX HA virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime with innovative features that minimize the administration of high availability and ensure data integrity. Scalable from SMB to Enterprise, MIMIX Availability integrates into your IT environment to protect your data and keep mission critical applications running 24x7x365. Whether you are a small business with basic HA needs or a large enterprise with complex topologies, MIMIX delivers the functionality, flexibility and simplicity you require.

Flexible solution meets the high availability needs

● MIMIX ha Lite can provide complete HA solution functions and capabilities to small to medium scale companies with less implementation time, effort and requirements.

● MIMIX ha1 has all the necessary functionalities and flexibility which meet the demand of large scale enterprises for ease-of-use and easy switching solutions.

Easy to install, easy to manage

MIMIX HA solution only need a few minute every day for self-monitoring and management. Our innovative features can do it for you, so you do not need to:

● MIMIX Intellistart

Intellistart is the leading innovation for planning, configure and deploy MIMIX HA. Quick installation and deploy does not require high IT skills.

● MIMIX AutoGuard

MIMIX AutoGuard technology can automatically seek out and eliminate the problem which affects the integrity of High Availability.Only a few minutes is needed to manage your HA solution.

● MIMIX Dynamic Apply

MIMIX Dynamic Apply can intelligently decide whether nor not to use multi-threads for processing particularset of data.Thus, it can greatly improve the speed, precision and efficiency of the backup process.


MIMIX CDP allows customers to quickly and easily recover data from any point in time so to protect the business from accidental or malicious data destruction.

●MIMIX Switch Assistant

MIMIX Switch Assistant is the most comprehensive and easy to use system for successful system switch.It supports worry-free switching by adopting automatic HA best practice.

What can MIMIX HA do for you

With zero data loss, MIMIZ HA is able to replicate production data to backup system. It supports any application environment and network topologies, including replication within the server, second and third layer ERP environment, bi-directional and cascading replication.

Through a “switch at any time” MIMIX HA environment, you can do much better to protect you business.