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Enforcive/ Cross-Platform AuditTM is an Enterprise Log Management and Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) tool, aimed at organizations running multiple systems and disparate platforms. The Cross-Platform Audit (CPA) consolidates platform-specific audit events and makes them available to auditors and administrators in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It does this while maintaining a high level of granularity to filter events by platform-specific characteristics.

Supported Platforms:

IBM i (AS400)

IBM z (Mainframe)


SQL Server




Sun Solaris

The CPA lets you monitor the activity of a user across different computers on diverse platforms and present that activity on screen, in a single event log and graphical format. The CPA logs raw transactional data and, through a variety of online filtering, reporting and dashboard tools, provides meaningful information that can give valuable insight to the organization. It has the ability to monitor activity on all the organization's computers and analyze it in a consolidated manner. For example, a user in one enterprise application might execute a series of transactions across different platforms - something which doesn't draw interest when looked at on the level of one computer, but could be seen in a different light when the entire audit trail is examined.

Using the CPA, system activity and user behavior can be analyzed as a consolidated chain of actions executed across different computers. The global user function allows tracking of a user's trail under various user IDs on different computers and platforms.