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Monsys i

System Overview:

Monsys i product is a visual performance monitoring system for AS400. This system is the design of the more senior experts of IPACS company according to the common monitoring index, which ensures the scientific and reasonable monitoring. The system has friendly interface, simple query, can be monitored for several days, a timely reminder of the characteristics of history. Is currently the most professional AS400 monitoring system.

System Functions :

Easy regulation of the system indicators:

1) numerical index:% Used CPU,% ASP Used System,% Used iASP, I/O Busy Machine, Base & Pool Page Fault Temp, address% Disk, unprotected% Current, in System Jobs, jobs Active, etc.

2) state index: TCP/IP network state, processor, motherboard, memory, hard disk, I/O, BUS card, PTF/LICPGM state, state, custom Subsystem/Jobs exception state (LCKW/MSGW/ACTW)

3) WRKPRB History, Log QSYSOPR, MSGQ Product, Activity Log Invalid, Access Path

System Characteristics:

  • Friendly interface, intuitive graphical support;

  • Monitoring history can be viewed, the background of the use of SQL data storage and archiving monitoring performance data to facilitate the user to query data and output monitoring reports;

  • Provides multi machine integration in a picture display function;

  • Users can flexibly set the threshold (KPI);

  • Supports setting alarm, including: voice, email, sms;

  • According to the history of the acquisition and indicators to provide expert advice;