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Real Time File Exchange Platform

System overview:

I-RTFX is mainly used to solve the problem of bidirectional transmission of large data files between AS400 system and UNIX system.


File upload system (UNIX -> AS400)

  • Support to real-time monitoring of the file

  • Support the strict control of the arrival time and sign documents, document control

  • Support file format checking, automatically upload files

File download system (AS400->UNIX)

  • Automatically download support files, multiple files concurrent processing

  • Support to have downloaded files are automatically distributed processing, a file with can be distributed to a plurality of peripheral system and also by keyword (such as institutional) resolution for multiple documents distributed to multiple institutions, support flexible configuration parameters

System characteristics:

  • Support concurrent file splitting and multi process transmission

  • Support HTTP, for each packet integrity check

  • Support 10 million or more stable and efficient transmission of large data file

  • Support standard C, Java call

  • Supports a variety of file formats (fixed length, a separator, DBF), code system conversion (Chinese character support GBK), UNIX side support for a variety of encoding (ASCII, UTFB)