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 The testing data management and privacy data bleaching platform is a set of software and hardware integration equipment which is used for the enterprise to carry on the management to the private data. InfoMask integrated intelligent privacy data discovery, data extraction, data privacy bleaching, testing data management, data loading, data destruction, authority management, performance monitoring and other functions in one, can provide the sample data quality, for a variety of non production environment. Through technical means to comply with regulatory requirements to better protect information security.


Technical advantage:

Privacy data discovery

Can automatically scan and discover the privacy data in the user database;

Privacy data model and algorithm

Rules and algorithms for the bleaching of a large number of Chinese private data models;

Deep compression technology

Under the premise of ensuring data access capability, the data storage capacity is greatly improved by the compression algorithm;

Cross platform support

Support heterogeneous database environment, you can easily achieve data migration;

High speed data loading

The use of a dedicated database batch write technology, greatly enhance the speed of loading;

Distributed extension

InfoMask supports distributed expansion through multi device cluster in order to deal with large data environment