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System Overview

i-AutoSwitch is a platform based on IBM Power System operating system and combined with the high availability of a type automatic switching system procedures, i-AutoSwitch can not only shorten the switching time of the application system, but also can effectively avoid the misoperation of artificially produced in the process of switching system. Meet the automation switching specific application scenarios solutions, ensure the switching of disaster recovery system of the RTO, to ensure continuous and stable operation of the business.

System Characteristics:

I-AutoSwitch has a powerful customization function, depending on the user's application architecture and configuration environment, customize the automated application switching system that is appropriate for user switching, The main  functions and features of i-AutoSwitch are as follows:

Ø Application of the system start &stop operation

Ø Support planning and unplanning system switch

Ø Application of IP switch

Ø Data consistency check

Ø Handover process is visible

Ø Log information query

Ø Synchronize file memory operation