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Product introduction

ReiKing offers centralized data application support for enterprises and government agencies; it facilitates data collection, reliable transmission and data loading, data quality, data conversion, data sharing, data exchange and data routing, offers manageable, authorized data services. It adopts unified rules and data models, and can provide support for existing business systems, business systems under transformation, new business systems and external systems.

● ReiKing offers data integration oriented reliable data transfer path. It meets the demand of reliable transformation of mass/real time data under complex network environments, and supportscentralized or distributed deployment methods.

● ReiKing offers centralized data integration processing platform, satisfies the need of data sharing, data exchange and data centralization between heterogeneous systems. It helps eliminating data islands and data garbage, improving data quality, providing unified data format and view, thus guaranteesdata integrity and usability.

● ReiKing offers secure and reliable data service bus and data integration service based on policy and standard configuration; once authorized, it can be invoked by the means of event trigger in the internal or external information system, Web Service or API.

● ReiKing offers ease of use and comprehensive solution-level product for our customers. Customer desired data integration solution can be achieved by ReiKing through parameterconfiguration and ReiKing offers full management features for the data integrationsolution.

Product features

● ReiKing is an easy to use professional tool, it provide full support for the data integration project. Visualized data definition mapping, data logic processing, customize data processing workflow through drag and drop, visualized data integrationrunning status monitoring and management.

● Security. ReiKingoffers user management, authority breakdown, adequate logging mechanism, satisfies the need of security control and secure data service utilization on the system level, database level, software functional level, logging level, field level, etc.

● Reliability. ReiKing offers system level reliable processing mechanism, support exception compensational handling, exception breakpoint resuming, the maintaining of data integrity through data processing event, data transfer breakpoint resuming;ReiKing’s data quality control mechanism guarantees data quality through data laundry and conversion under different circumstances.

● Protect customer’s investment. Base on the unified platform, ReiKing offers visualized generation of customer data integration solution, convenientmaintenance, significant reduction in development and maintenance costs, improvement in enterprise’s overall profits.