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iTools integrated development platform

i Series platform application development innovation

As business customer’s business requirements are getting increasingly complex, and application functionality and quality requirements are getting increasingly higher, RPG application development on IBM i-Series is getting harder due to higher programmer requirements and lack of effective management tools.To meet the challenge, IPACS developed the integrated development platform on IBM i-Series. The platform adopted common open development mode using graphical multi-window editor for convenient and flexible debugging. It integrates version management, project process management, maintenance tracking, and automatic documentation generation into one development management environment.


● Simplify application development on IBM iSeries, making RPG easier to reach, comprehend and making it easier to learn.

● Based on Eclipse platform, making switching between tasks more convenient.

● Code generation based on existing templets, making the application development process more efficient.

● Automatic documentation of sources codes, ensuring that they are in sync and all work done is documented.

● Standard development process management, ensuring better quality and reduced risk.

● Flexible test environment configuration and management, increase efficiency of testing.

● Integrating effective team management with approval process, making version management more efficient and convenient.

● iTool offers automated system inspection tool which significantly improve the quality of system management, application fault detection and production testing.