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On-line version control and management tool


Since there isn’t a decent tool to manage the source code for IBM i Series and control the whole process of development, testing, function validation and delivery, it has always been a sore spot for the application developers and the final users. i-Librarian is a product developed by IPACS. It achieves the goal of version control and application development process control by adopting related process management and software engineering technic, thus, it ensure the consistency between the source code, software functions and delivery goal.

Product introduction

i-Librarian supports various development stages and version control processes; it takes good care of customer’s most important asset – source code and maintains different code versions; it reduces risk by adopting standard delivery process; i-Libirarian negates the time-costing and error-prawndisadvantages of manual compilingby introducing automatic compiling.

Main functions include

Project management

The system to the project as a unit, the source of respectively. Each project can set up multiple stages according to customer requirements, a variety of roles, to ensure that the project process management and source of change management.

Source control

Control the development of personnel, to ensure that the developer can only operate their own source code, the source of the circulation of the audit process.

Source backup

Source code before the change in time to back up, to ensure that the source code can be back.

Automatic compilation

Source code updates, the same time to carry out the standard source code to ensure the correctness and availability of the on-line version.

One click package

One click to complete the source package and the goal of packaging, quality assurance personnel to provide a reliable on-line.