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Product introduction

NetGain Enterprise Manager™ is the product developed by SINONETGAIN. NetGain Enterprise ManagerTM is a plug and play IT hardware monitoring and management device.Once installed into the target environment and with some simple configuration, the automatic network detectionfunction (for producing topology view, business view and device view) and 24 hour monitoring are available immediately. NetGain Enterprise Manager™ was successfully implemented in the Olympic Game 2008.

The unique Agents/Probes architecture can easily and effectively collect all kinds of periodical system state and performance data(such as network device, service, database and application);and present these information by categories according to IT business system’s architectural layers, so that administrators can conveniently view the running status of each IT business system.

When the value of the data collected exceeds the threshold, NetGain Enterprise Manager™ will notify the IT administrator which element is posing a risk to the IT system through E-Mail, SMS, sound or pop-up alert.

Product advantage

Swift deployment! Ease of use! –Simple and cost reduction.

● The first ‘plug and play’ hardware and software integrated product, swift deployment, quick configuration and short training period.

● Efficient correlation between extensive report capability and core business services

Cost effective! –business oriented integrated IT infrastructure management platform

● business oriented integrated IT infrastructure management satisfies the requirement of multi-level and multi-perspective management.

● Enjoy multi-million dollar worth of service at an unbelievable low price.

● Remote control management supported.

Comprehensive functions, flexible configuration! –integration, unification, flexibility and continuity

● Efficiently integrate the functions of network management, system management, application management, server/storage management and business management, etc.

● Support proactive monitoring and early warning of the status and performance of the IT infrastructure and business operation.

● Comprehensive monitoring. 24x7 monitoring on the resource usage status and performance data of the entire IT infrastructure, which includes network device, service, system, database, middle ware, application and industrial specific application.

● Professional and standard warning mechanism, flexible configuration of warning policies.

● Record historical performance data for accurate potential threatsanalysis.

● High expandability, expandable according to industrial needs

NetGain Enterprise ManagerTM Guarantees

● Minimum implementationrisk and time.

● Advanced technical concept and product, widerange of functions, ease of use.

● Proactiveand comprehensive monitoring and management of the IT business infrastructureinstead of merely monitoringand warning.

● Professional, focused service

● Acceptable and guaranteed business solution