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Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting

In light of global warming, economic slowdown, slow export growth, threat of merger and acquisitions, how is your company planning to meet this series of key issues and challenges? Many companies have already begun to reflect and redefine themselves or improve their existing businesses and business model in order to remain relevant. This includes changing how they communicate and cooperate with their partners, suppliers and clients, or even relocation in order to add value to their business and to establish their own unique proposition in the regional or global market. This globalization has forced companies to open up, and gather top-notch technology and services to better deal with challenges in the future. This is why more companies are seeking specialized consulting firms to assist them in optimizing their IT structure as they further develop their business.

Technology development will be faster and more widely used in the future, and will continue to drive the business and even social change. Particularly, the changes in information technology will transform the nature of the corporate world.

Nowadays,to effectively support daily operations, majority of the companies in China have established their own core enterprise informationsystem infrastructure.However, following the migration of business scopes under the new economic environment, companies are required to comprehensively strengthen their core competency by improving centralized control capability through technology and solutioninnovation, flexible adaptability and risk management capability.

IPACS maintained continued improvements in the Information core technology platforms and solutions, combined with our rich experience in management consulting; we have come up with a set of high technology, results-proven solutions that are suitable to the Chinese business culture, and to each industry conditions. We seek to increase efficiency, strengthen management and succeed with our customers with our innovation.