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Application Consulting

Currently, many enterprises have invested huge resources in the development, testing, management and maintenance of applications, taking time and effort away from other competencies that can enhance their core competitiveness. With the assistance from IPACS, you can avoid such situation, and focus your time and budget on implementing solutions that can increase the value of your IT investments, and also boost innovation.

Comprehensive service and solution to address your business needs

IPACS’s innovative application service is suitable for managing the applications development process; it can manage the lifecycle, which includes the design, development and testing stages through till delivery. To unleash the full potential in your existing applications, IPACS has a series of services available, including:

1. Diagnose key business areas and the usability of current applications, and offer guidance on improvisation

2. Design, develop, testing and implementation of customized, highly innovative applications that cater to your business needs.

Creating an application from design, to development and implementation

With many years of working with clients, IPACS can tap on our wealth of professional knowledge to enhance your existing applications, or build new applications which can standardize and simplify your current business process, and integrate data and functions across multiple applications. Moreover, IPACS is able to make the current application more efficient, or to migrate it to a more flexible and standard packaged solution.

IPACS ensures consistency in every aspects of the key technologies and solutions in the customized applications, and will assign a highly experience team to assist you in creating value from the use of our innovative technology and ideas.

IPACS has expertise in the following areas

● Application Development

Through application development standards, developer accelerator and industry solutions accelerator, we can help your company to save time and money in application development, system migration and testing.

● Enterprise Integration

IPACS’s leading enterprise application integration uses middleware solutions and a variety of integration and test capabilities to assist in the optimization of your existing technologies, and integrate new services at the same time.

● Enterprise System Architecture and Technology

IPACS can provide advance ideas and outstanding services in creating the architecture for your enterprise IT system.

● Safety and Privacy

IPACS’s engineers will work with your company to customize and implement an asset protection strategy.

● Development Training

IPACS will design and develop training programs and related hybrid technology, which includes Web-based e-learning and conventional classroom training.