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IT security

IT security infrastructure solution

Optimize IT infrastructure to improve IT resource utilization and enhance business competitiveness.

Safety Solutions: Eliminate security loopholes to ensure the integrity of the system.

In the financial services,retail, manufacturing and many other industries, IT security is crucial to the success of the business. Snow disaster, earthquake, viruses, hacking are some of the threats complicating the current information environment, continuously threatening the safety of company’s IT systems. IPACS can provide you with high security, high performance, highly reliable comprehensive solution to protect your data, systems and network security, improving yoru risk management to better safeguard the future of your businesses.

Data Safety

Successive Data Protection Solution

With increasing branches, the data environment has become increasingly complex. IPACS offers a data protection service that has a short recovery time, low investment and is easy to manage, hence ensuring the sustainability of your business.

Solutions to no interruption of operations

In the event of hardware damage or system failure, it ensures that your business is still able to achieve continuous data access and continuous operation of the business, hence maintaining business continuity, and allows you to manage risk calmly.

● Rapid data backup and recovery solutions

Effective protection for the different types of data, from assessment, design to the implementation of the complete process, including software tools, hardware, storage devices and data protection services, hence reducing backup and recovery time.

System Safety

● Efficient Green-Energy core system solutions

With built-in green technology products, a series of green features and software, you can easily achieve “green” IT revolution, and improve energy efficiency, performance and reduce cost.

● High-performance platform solution

Provides superior performance, you can quickly and efficiently run a variety of core applications, making rapid and efficient response to your daily operations, hence improving business service quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

● Simplification of the Power Server  Management

Assist you in the selection of the correct business system platform according to the workload demand of the support system platform, hence, getting the best combination that simplify systems management and lower management costs.

● Intra-city disaster recovery solutions

Through remote disk mirroring replication technology, the mirrored data is copied to the city's disaster recovery centre, hence creating complete disaster recovery centers that ensures the recoverability of critical data and the sustainability of business applications.