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BCI training

BCI training and professional accreditation- Understand the principles and most effective method in BCM

Course Introduction

1、Policy, Culture and Program Management

● Introduction to BCM

● BCM opportunities in related fields

● Program Management

● Cultural Dashboard

2、Understanding the organization

● Set cope of understanding the organization related to the BCM life cycle

● Business Impact Analysis:Project planning and determining data loss

● Risk assessment

3、Determining BCM strategies

● Types of measures

● Types of business continuity strategies

● Basic continuity design options

● Presenting the business case

● Realization and implementation of Resources

4、Development and Implementation of a BCM response

● Introduction to BCM response plans

● Escalation and alarms

● Employee safety plan

● Crisis Management

● Continuity Plan

5、Drills、Maintenance and Review

● Drills, maintenance and Reviewing BCM arrangements

● Testing: Test scenario and evaluation criteria

● Maintenance:Monitor changes that affect BCM and its measures

● Audit:Quality safeguarding

BCM Management Training

Course Introduction

● Introduction to BCM

● Overview of Singapore BCM SS540 Standard

● To understand BCM SS540 through the following areas:

   ◇Risk Analysis

   ◇Business Impact Analysis

   ◇ Business Sustainability Analysis

   ◇ Development and Implementation of BCM

   ◇ Tests and Drills Planning

   ◇ BCM Management

   ◇ Key Success Factors

   ◇ Case Analysis

BCM Audit Course

Course Introduction

● Understand BCM Framework and Standards:BS25999-2:2007and SS540:2008

● Introduction to Basic Theories and Principles of Audit

● BCM System and Audit Cycle

● Audit Tools and Techniques

● Audit Stages

● Audit Preparatory Work

● Audit Checklist, Plans and Command/Auditing Reports

● Audit Report

● Audit Results

● Audit Implementation

● Follow-up Audits and Monitoring

● Key Success Factors

● Diagnosing BCM Audit “hotspots”

● Common errors in the BCM Process

● Follow-up Audit Checkpoints